Conditions of Participation

Who can participate?

The participation is free of charge. Authorized is every offspring talent between an age of 14 and 25 years. The condotion is that every picture has to be uploaded via this website as an picdata. Therefore you need to register on this website.

What to upload?

Every participient can upload up to ten pictures. Every pic has to be uploaded via online-form in digital form.
Every participient committs himself not to upload pics with unlawful, offended, pornographic, threatening or extremist contents.
The pics should have a resolution of at least 72 dpi and converted into JPEG/JPG-, PNG- or GIF-format. The size of the data should be at least 5 MB. While uploading the pics they will be checked and if they doesn’t fit into our requirements they’ll be sorted out.
Pictures we receive per mail we cannot consider. The photographers should be able to send us a high quality picture of about 300 dpi with a size of max. 29,7 x 42,0 by requesting them.
It is also possible to upload pictures made with your smartphone. However we’re not able to print them on a big screen so we collect them for a collage with few small pics.



The participient assures us that he features all the rights of the uploaded pictures, that the right of the pics are free of the rights of third persons, and that the pics doesn’t go against the personal rights of other people. People who are seen in the pictures have to know that the picture is about to be published. 



The organizer has the right to edit and reproduce the pictures as long the Youthart-Gallery takes place. That means for reporting, public relation, exhibition posters, invitations, the exhibition himself and if nessessarry for catalogs. 


Data Protection

Just the names of  the artists will be published in this project. We assure that we will not give your personal details away to third people. The participient agrees with that by registering here.


On the Right

The right is excluded.


What happens to the pictures after the event?

The printed/produced pictures stay in possession of the promoter.

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